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Are you sure you are not a neonatal nurse?

This was the quote from my sister when she saw what I was doing for Gracie during her critical stage.  I scoured the internet for every article I could find on how to care for an infant kitten.  What is kitten milk replacer (KMR), how do I weigh her, how much should I feed her and how often, how much weight should she gain weekly, etc.?  Knowledge that many have, but I was not a member of that elite club.  I found her in the evening and desperate to just get her little body hydrated, I went with the only kitten milk replacer available at that time of night.  I would soon learn it was not the premium formula as she struggled to digest it.  I set my phone alarm for every three hours and would weigh each bottle before she drank and again after she finished and log it all including the time of the feeding.  It was a bit stressful the first couple of weeks because she had difficulty latching onto the bottle and in frustration her tiny claws would dig into my cuticles.  A fun fact in case any of you find yourself in the same position, up until around four weeks of age you will need to provide stimulation after every feeding to help the little one wee wee and poo poo.  This is something the mother typically does.  And yes, you guessed it, I would log this too.  What can I say, when I commit, I really commit!


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